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At Truckmasters, you can expect to find lots of used trucks, because that's the name of our game. With standout selection and quality from leading brands like Ford, Chevy, RAM, Nissan and Toyota, you'll find the vehicle that suits you best. But, for when we do need to do the heavy lifting, especially towing, you want to make sure your vehicle is properly equipped and you have the right parts for the job.

Towing varies from truck to truck as different brands have different capacities and standards. You should always consult with the owner's manual if you have it, or look online or ask automotive experts like us here in Glendale and we'll do our best to help. As a general practice, you should follow a few simple tips that will make towing easier for you:

  • Know your truck's towing capacity, as you need to calculate the weight of the trailer plus the load to ensure you're not going over the limit
  • Exceeding your towing load can cause unsafe driving and many other issues, so don't do it!
  • Get the right trailer hitch for your vehicle because the right one will make the difference in helping you tow properly
  • Make sure you have the right size for your tow ball which connects your trailer up so the fit is right and there isn't any looseness with the attachment
  • You want to test and make sure all the braking and electrical systems work for your trailer because it's a driver safety issue so others can see that you're braking the vehicle from the trailer lights
  • Properly use the safety chains, while also having your load distributed as evenly as possible to ensure the best towing from your truck
  • Check to make sure your tires are properly inflated, and remember that it will take longer to maneuver, turn, change lanes, and back up with a trailer, so always be aware and plan ahead to find parking spaces that can accommodate the trailer and the load
  • Finally, be mindful of road conditions and how it can impact your trailer

If you'd like to learn more about used trucks in Glendale, feel free to contact us online and we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have, and set up test drives at your convenience.

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