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Diesel Vehicles: Efficient, High-Torque Powerhouses

Diesel vehicles stand apart from their gas-powered counterparts as long-lasting, high-torque engines worthy of any driver planning on towing, off-roading, or seeking the thrill of launching from a dead stop. Typically, diesel trucks and vehicles require less frequent oil changes, and due to their lower-RPM operation, offer a longer lifespan. At Truckmasters, we offer drivers from Phoenix to Mesa, Scottsdale to Glendale with an extensive selection of diesel trucks for those seeking the power, performance capabilities, and superior efficiency of diesel engines.

Diesel engines receive their improved efficiency and powerful performance from their unique construction. Featuring a higher compression ratio than their gas counterparts in conjunction with a longer stroke length, diesel engines do not rely on spark plugs to burn fuel, but rather compress the vapor to a point where it combusts due to the pressure. With greater compression ratios, longer stroke lengths, improved efficiency and a lower RPM, diesel engines typically produce higher quantities of torque ideal for hauling, towing, or getting moving from a dead stop with ease either on-road or off-road.

Affordable Diesel Trucks, Cars and More!

At Truckmasters, in addition to our expertly curated and high-quality diesel truck inventory, we stock a variety of used trucks, bargain used cars, and low mileage used vehicles to fit the needs of even the most exacting drivers' standards. Optimized for your convenience, browse our inventory for affordable used cars by model or used cars by brand to efficiently discover your precisely preferred vehicle. Having selected your vehicle of choice, stop by our dealership to speak with a sales professional to learn more, or to schedule a test drive!

With extensive inventory of affordable used diesel vehicles to suit the needs of heavy-duty hauling, or drivers who desire the benefits of a diesel powertrain, Truckmasters proudly offers a variety of used diesel vehicles specifically optimized to deliver the performance you desire at a price you can afford.

Truckmasters: Your Stop for Affordable Used Cars

Committed to providing our service area drivers with the high-quality, well-maintained diesel vehicles they desire, Truckmasters confidently offers a vast inventory to select from with sought-after makes and models. To learn more about our inventory, or to discover the benefits of a diesel vehicle, stop by our dealership to speak with a sales professional. Or, having selected your preferred vehicle from our inventory online, give us a call to schedule a test drive today!